Steven Robinson(non-registered)
Thank you for taking time out of your day to speak with a fellow Vermonter. We are as rare as a O-type stars.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to North Carolina and plan on coming back. I reviewed the photos Bankhead Forest and we may have decided on another trip in the near future.

You have a flair for lighting and colors, wonderful work you have accomplished is shown on your website.

Thanks again.
Michael Tinsley(non-registered)
I was intrigued by your picture of Spanish moss covered elms or oaks on each side of what might be a lane or footpath in the picture you shared with Conservation Alabama which they use as a background image.

I haven't seen it here on your website and wondered if you could direct me to it with a URL or number (if you have your photographs numbered ) ?

The pictures I've seen so far are truly amazing which tells me you are talented_ and gifted.

In Christ Jesus,
Michael Tinsley
Russell Walker Brown(non-registered)
I enjoyed talking with you and your “young” friend today at the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge. I have two of your books that I have used as guide maps over the years. Thanks for the inspiration.
Kevin Lowe(non-registered)
Charles the pictures are beautiful! It was a pleasure meeting you and talking with you at Point Mallard yesterday. I loved hearing about all of your kayaking and adventure travels. Hope to see you out on the water sometime.

Thank you for sharing these photos. We are blessed!
Roy Simmons(non-registered)
Always appreciate your images Charlie. Keep on shooting.
Bob Benton(non-registered)
Your ability to capture any subject matter is simply masterful. Your photographs clearly illustrate your decades long of pursuit of perfecting your chosen channel of artistic expression - photography. Thank you Charlie! Sincerely, Bob Benton
Grant Posey(non-registered)
Visited your site for a bio to go with your photos for the silent auctions. Enjoyed scrolling through your photos. Thanks for your help the other day, enjoyed the visit.
Anna Parks(non-registered)
Your photography is amazing! You definitely have a talent for capturing the most beautiful moments. I love the photos of Alabama's scenic wildlife. I'm an art student at UAH and I just want to thank you for allowing us to hang your photography in the Salmon Gallery. I'm definitely a fan of your work.
Naveen Vetcha(non-registered)
Absolutely beautiful pictures! I have to thank NPR. Just finished listening to your interview. I look forward for your photography exhibition at UAH.
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